Patrick Wronkiewicz
For Iowa State Senate District 43
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My name is Patrick Wronkiewicz. I’m a Marine Corps veteran, a senior at the University of Iowa and a candidate for Iowa State Senate District 43. I’m running because I feel that our current representation in the Iowa State Senate no longer represents the best interests of our Hawkeye Community. During my time at the University of Iowa, I have served in leadership with the University of Iowa Veterans Association, I’ve been elected by the student body as a senator on student government, I was an intern in the University of Iowa’s office of governmental relations, and most recently I was president of the College Republicans.


Current Issues

Lower tuition/higher education funding

State funding to the University of Iowa is the biggest issue facing this district. With the University being the area’s biggest economic driver, it is important that we have a State Senator who is willing to reach across the aisle and not let petty politics stand in the way to these crucial funds. When higher education funding gets cut, students see an increase in tuition, staff and faculty see a decrease in wages and pay increases, and private sector jobs (such as workers on new University construction projects) leave the district. To achieve a freeze in tuition and to improve the economic prosperity of the area, I pledge to put the issue of higher education funding above all else.

The Role of Special Interests in Our District

There is no mistake about it: powerful special interests and corporate funded Super-PACs have taken control of the politics in our University Community. Despite never having a serious challenger in the past 20 years, my opponent Senator Joe Bolkcom has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for his campaign, with the top donors every year being powerful special interests and lobbyist controlled political action committees. I believe that state senate seats belong to the people -- not the billionaires. That is why for my campaign, I pledge to be grassroots funded, and to accept ZERO dollars from corporations, political action committees, and lobbyist controlled special interests.

Lowering the Tax Burden for Small Businesses and the Middle Class

I support a lower tax burden for all Iowans. I believe that excessive taxation stifles innovation, dissuades investment into our state, and ultimately lowers wages for the middle class. With that, I believe that all Iowa businesses, both big and small, should have to play by the same rules. Special tax breaks and corporate welfare gives billion dollar corporations an unfair advantage against the small businesses in our district. I pledge to stand firmly against special tax breaks that only apply to well connected corporate donors, and will fight hard to allow average Iowans to keep more of their hard earned paychecks.

Medical Cannabis Reform

As a Marine Corps Veteran, I have many close friends with a diverse amount of medical issues -- both physical and mental. I have seen firsthand these friends be prescribed medical cannabis in other states for mental health injuries incurred on the battlefield, only to have their physician-approved medicine be taken away when they decided to move to Iowa. These experiences have convinced me that medical marijuana needs to be legalized in the state of Iowa, and I would actively support any legislation that would make this a reality.

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